Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outdoors -- cricket count

My radio meteorologist -- NOT announcer, he's a real scientist -- hates my cricket count.
It's a guess at how harsh the winter will be depending on when crickets start trying to invade my house and how many.
By the middle of July 2013, I was fighting them off with a broom. Literally.
That was a sign of a harsh winter.  I've had heavy invasions before, but not like that, not even for the Snowmageddon year or the back-to-back blizzards in the 1990s.

This year, the crickets are not trying to get in.
In fact, I opened the back door the other day and a little one tried to run away.

So my winter forecast is that it will start with MILD temps.
This has nothing to do with precip, but based on this summer's precip, I would say regular and mostly rain since the temps will be mild.

This could change.  If the crickets start trying to invade by say a month from now, that would point to a ferocious end to the winter.

But for now, if you believe this kind of thing, relax.

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