Mendel Beilis Trial

This page has a summary of the trial in 10 essays.  Below that are the PDFs of the translation of the transcript, and links to summaries of daily actions and witnesses.   Also see the chronology and complete witness list.

Grand Overview of the Case
Stage 1 Investigation
Stage 2 Investigation
Stage 3 Investigation
The Government Story
No Way to Run a Trial
You the Juror

Transcript Translation  //  Summary
Day 1                       Witnesses

Day 2                       Indictment

Day 3                       Finding

Day 4                      "Lyagushka"

Day 5                      "Fonarshchik"

Day 6                      The Field Trip

Day 7                      The Letter

Day 8                      Vera

Day 9                      Picking up the Pieces

Day 10                    The Murder Weapons?

Day 11                    "Ettinger and Landau"

Day 12                    Accounting for the Grebenki Workers

Day 13                    Trip to Kharkov

Day 14                    Krasovsky and Margolin

Day 15                    The Carpet, the Pillowcase, the Mask, and Everything

Day 16                    Singaevsky's confession

Day 17                    "I Could Hear Everything"

Day 18                    The Barber: Rudzinsky confessed

Day 19                    The Colonel and the Investigator

Day 20                    The Doctors

Day 21                    The Medical Questions

Day 22                    What Does It Prove?
Day 23                    "I didn't look at the body"
Day 24                   "The Psychiatrists"
Day 25                    What Does Scripture Say?
Day 26                    "Pranaitis Speaks!"
Day 27                    The Muzhik Revolt
Day 28                    The Baba Bathra Question?
Day 29                     "Ritual Murder Not a Crime"  Day 30                     One Charge Now, Another Charge Later
Day 31                     "Not One Charge, Two!"
Day 32                     Vipper loses his mind
Day 33                     Wiffle Ball School of Prosecution Theory
Day 34                      THE VERDICTS

This is a horse-operated pugger; the shaft in the "cup" mixes clay and water
to the right consistency for brick-making.  This is probably what the children
used to play on at the Zaitsev factory; descriptions suggest they gave each other
a boost up the "cup" and then jumped onto the top bar, where they stood as the horse
circled the "cup" moving the mixer.  From:

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