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Mendel Beilis -- THE VERDICTS

This is the summary of the 34th and last day of the Mendel Beilis trial, which occurred on 28 October, 1913 on the Julian calendar, 10 November, 1913 on the Gregorian calendar.

This day occupies pages 272 through 300 of Volume III of the transcript.
See the translation of the transcript for day 34.
I have to say that I can hardly conceive of a more prejudicial summation by a judge.  All information that contradicts the government theory of the case is suppressed.  He makes several mistakes of fact which I have footnoted.  His verbage is often confusing in both its grammar and syntax.

He allows the jury the opportunity to render a verdict with a qualification, such as “guilty but not through religious fanaticism.”

The jury deliberated for one hour and twenty minutes.

The verdict: Yes, it is proven that the crime was committed at the factory.

The other verdict: NO, NOT GUILTY.

The juror tally is not given.  It could have been evenly split; it could have been a two-vote majority.  Different accounts differ.  The urban legend is that one juror, being pressured to vote guilty, turned to the corner of the conference room with the icons in it, crossed himself, and said “I can’t do it.”  And he voted to acquit Beilis.

Read the posting called “Endgame” for my analysis of events from day 28 through day 34.

Judge Fyodor Boldyrev

            Criminal Prosecutor, Oscar Vipper
            Civil Prosecutor Georgy Zamyslovsky
            Private Civil Prosecutor Aleksey Shmakov 

            Oscar Gruzenberg
Nikolay Karabchevsky
Dmitry Grigorevich-Barsky
Alexandr Zarudny
Vasily Maklakov

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