Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outdoors -- Won't Do That Again

Went out in a tee-shirt yesterday with no sweater or jacket.

I had just posted day 33 of the Mendel Beilis trial transcript translation and I decided to take a holiday from translating.

Got out the rake and cleared the front lawn.

I never do this anyway until about this time because across the street from me are two enormous oak trees and it's just not worthwhile until they are done dropping leaves.

To say nothing of the sassafrass and oak on my neighbor's lawn on this side of the street, and all the other trees up and down the street.

Today it probably won't get out of the 40s which is normal for here and now and I'll be going out later to break the ice on the bird bath so the blue jay can play polar bear.

But it will be sunny and the sun comes in the south windows and streams across the room and that will be cozy

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