Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY -- Hard Cider DONE

I now have two jugs of cider that are mature enough to drink and another brewing.

It's a pleasant buzzy drink at room temperature or chilled. 

Using bread yeast or lager yeast doesn't make much difference.

Apple juice from concentrate seems to come out about the same as not from concentrate.

Rack it carefully; most of the yeast will remain on the bottom of the jug each time you do it.  At about the one month point, the amount remaining in the brew will be negligible. 

Soak the jug in very hot to boiling water and agitate before you pour the water out, and the yeast on the bottom will come out when you pour the water out.  Then rinse once more with nearly boiling water.

So like bread, hard cider is fairly forgiving.  Just make sure and wait until it's mature (one month) before drinking.
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