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0. How to get your copy of The Anvil, the book version of the transcript.
A real customer has test-driven this process. Hopefully it will keep working as business picks up.
Price of The Anvil is USD$7.00.
Payment is through Paypal.
You don’t have to have a Paypal account; you can use your credit or debit card. Paypal will handle the security for your credit card number; I will never see it.
If you are not sure whether Paypal operates in your country, ask me and I will check.
How it works:

I send you an email requesting the purchase price; this comes through my Paypal account and they email me a copy of the request.
You respond to the email with your payment and Paypal emails me about that.
I email you the PDF in PDF/A format with bookmarks for each of the chapters. It is read-only and you can print it.
This only gives you the right to read or print the book for personal use.  If you want to buy multiple copies for academic use, send me an email from your academic account with the number of copies you want. 

I will not be selling The Anvil through Amazon. They demand too high a share of profits.

1.    Why does the transcript end on page XX?
       A:  There are two sets of page numbers.  The Transcript Page number at the top of each page refers to the location in the actual transcript on the ldn-knigi website.  The number at the end of the file is how far that day's testimony goes in the transcript.
             The Translation Page number at the bottom of each page is the location in the translation I have done.  If somebody else does their own translation, they will have different page numbers.  The number at the end of the file is how many pages it has been since the first page of the translation.  This will be much higher than the Transcript Page number for two reasons.  One is that it took more pages to do the translation because of footnoting and formatting. 
              The other is that there are three (3) volumes in the transcript and the page numbering restarts at the start of each volume. The stats are:
              Volume I of the transcript: Transcript Page numbers 3-696;  
              Volume II of the transcript: Transcript Page numbers 3-440;    
              Volume III of the transcript: Transcript Page numbers 3-300.
The Transcript Page numbers at the top of the page lets people go from my translation back to the Russian version of the transcript to see the original language.

2.  I read day 3 and found day 5.  What happened to day 4?
     A:  Short answer: you can find day 4 on the "Mendel Beilis" page.
           Long answer: you can scroll down the home page to the second date header and find day 4.
           General answer:  I am posting two days on Fridays because Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath and I will not be posting anything on Saturday.  So I will post both of days 11 and 12 on Friday October 18, days 25 and 26 on Friday November 1, and so on.

3.  What changed?
      A:  "Indictment" changed and since I'm still a newbie at blogging, I entirely reposted it.  Other things I simply edited so they didn't show up again.  I found a page numbering problem and that's why I edited the current postings.  If you find such problems, please email me so I can fix them.

4.  What was wrong with the PDF for day 28?
     A:  I had a problem with the PDF as it was when I uploaded it.  A link to an Internet file had gone bad over the space of about 10 days.  I got it from a Wikipedia page and have added a comment on the discussion page telling them about the link rot.

5.  What's this about a date problem on the headstone at Mendel Beilis' grave?
     A:  A picture on  Wikipedia shows a birth year of 1862.  The transcript says Beilis was 39 when the second indictment was filed in 1913.  That gives a birth year of 1874 which is also given on the Wikipedia article. 

6.  Where is day 31?
     A:  Always check the Mendel Beilis page to the right.  I am behind on translating the closing arguments and day 31 was posted later in the day than usual.  It's in there!

7.  Have you verified the information with the Vatican library with respect to the papal bulls?
     A.  The short answer is no, I only reported on what happened.
           The medium answer is, I also haven't contacted the Catholic Academy in St. Petersburg to verify what Pranaitis' thesis really said.
           The combined answer is that once I get done with the translation, I may be able to free up some brain cells and go into this, but the trial isn't between the Tsarist government and the Catholic church, it's between the Tsarist government and Mendel Beilis, and since the texts of the bulls were not read into the record or reproduced in the transcript, they don't have much to do with this project.

8.  Why aren't there any page numbers on day 32?
     A: I corrected that on November 19, 2013, please refresh and let me know if they still aren't there.

9.   What happened to the PDF for day 6?
     A:  I was preparing version 2 of the website and found duplicate information in that part of the translation.  Fixed it and replaced the file.
10.  There are errors I want to fix, and reformatting I want to do on the PDFs, but I can't do it and keep the PDF icon because BlogSpot has made it impossible to attach graphics to files.  I have notified them of the problem as of about March 17, 2014.

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