Sunday, November 24, 2013


Now that the Mendel Beilis translation is done, I'm still getting up about 5 in the morning. 

But now I get up and do Tai Ji, slowly, and I can concentrate fully, no thinking about all the pages of translation I have ahead of me.

I can take my time over making breakfast and lunch, no thinking about all the pages of translation left to do today.

I can snuggle my hands around a hot cup of tea or coffee and let them absorb the heat.

Tonight I plan to fire up my old old Yamaha electric keyboard and play Greensleeves and a bunch of other songs like that.  I promise I won't post any recordings. 

Friday I cut this year's pokeweed. 

Today it will be freezing cold and terribly windy so I'll clean house instead of yard work.  My co-op replaced my doors and windows as scheduled and put an exhaust fan in the bathroom.  The house was built in 1937 when they didn't have such things.  Up to now, most people open their bathroom windows a crack to let the damp out of the bathroom.  The fan will save heat.  Anyway, the workmen didn't leave much dirt but I've only been doing lick-and-promise cleaning while translating the transcript.

I bought some reproduction 1930s fabrics to make curtains for the windows on the doors.  I got nice big windows that will let the sun in during the winter on the south side and watch for squirrels stealing bird food on the north side.  Bought little tension rods to hang the curtains.  I have some old-fashioned door numbers on order to stick on the glass for the mail carrier. 

So little time, so much to do!

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