Sunday, August 10, 2014

DIY disinfectant

The herb thyme has some disinfectant properties, similar to bleach.
Google for a PDF that shows it's not identical.
But I am trying it out instead of buying, for example, more bleach cleaners.
Because the one thing you can't do with thyme is produce poisonous hydrochloric acid.
Which some woman did recently by mixing ammonia and chlorine.
You spend about $20 on the major brand toilet bowl cleaner.
You spend about $3 on less than half an ounce of thyme leaves in a grocery store.
I know where to get 32 times as much thyme leaf for only twice the price of those tiny jars in the store, and it's also about 1/4 the price of the toilet bowl cleaner.
That gives me plenty of thyme for Cajun seasoning and other cooking as well as disinfectant.

There are recipes all over the web for this disinfectant.
You spray the surface, wait 10 minutes, then wipe.
That's because the other ingredient is castile soap, which reacts with the water in the thyme part of the mixture, leaving a film of salts.
You can go around and spray all the surfaces you want to disinfect.
By then, it's probably been 10 minutes, so you go back to the start and wipe them down.

I don't have anybody to test the before and after.
If you can test this, post the results on your blog and email me a link I can post on mine
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