Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Garden -- morning glories

When I painted my fence last month, some of it fell on the sprouting morning glories.
The paint fell.
Anyway, not only did the morning glories survive the paint, they are now blooming.
Twining over the fence and around the seeding mustard plants.
Trailing among the carrots.
Attracting hummingbirds.
I saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird the other day.
She is pale green and at first you'll think she is a large dragon fly, but she flies differently.
She was probably flying from my morning glories, which were just closing for the day,
to the Rose of Sharon in my neighbor's yard which was at its fullest bloom.
So August is full of strong colors, the deep magenta of the morning glories,
the bright saffron-to-orange of the tickseed, which attracts bees,
the white or pink or red of Rose of Sharon and crepe myrtle,
the orange red of zinnias and the blue of chicory where the goldfinches feed.
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