Monday, August 18, 2014

Money where your mouth is time

For all those who believe in the recent review of studies saying organic is better,
It's time to put your money where your mouth is.
There's this 2000 acre estate for sale in Virginia and they want $70 million for it.
It's time to crowd fund purchasing that estate and breeding draft horses on it
and housing them in the stables where the old owners bred useless race horses.
There are 20 residences.
Each one should become the center for an organic farm.
It should be possible to produce everything that will grow in environmental zone 6.
There are also greenhouses.
Those can be used to produce seedlings for planting the next spring.
Otherwise the place is going to get chopped up by houses and roads and turned into an environmental nightmare like the rest of the area.
It could be run like one farm in my region; everybody who owns a share in it gets to pick their own.
Everybody else has to buy from the roadside stands or however else they sell their produce.
But it's going to take a firm hand to make sure all 20 tenants use only organic means.
Well?  Have you got what it takes?
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