Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Knitting -- jumper/pullover sleeve length

OK now that you, like my friend, are done laughing about my description of how to get the cuffs the right width, here's something else you can laugh at.
How many times have you wished your sweater sleeves were longer or shorter?
Let's make custom length sleeves on this sweater.
I usually do 145 rows from cuff to armpits but YMMV.
So measure your underarm from pit to wrist.
The number of rows you make will be 6.5 times those inches because we're using Cotton Fine or something like that.
To make sure, look at the wrapper on the skein; somewhere it will say "stitches per inch."

This is important because you need to increase the size of the sleeve you knit from wrist to armpit or it will be too tight on your upper arm.
I usually go from 52 stitches at the wrist to 100 stitches  above the elbow.
That means my sleeve winds up being a little more than 17 inches around above the elbow.

Do your measurements, make your cuff, and next week I'll talk about how you do those increases.

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