Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY -- it's so clean!

OK you will NEVER get into this situation because you are a much better housekeeper than I am.
But last week, I got my baking soda out of the fridge (you do have baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors, don't you?).
I mixed up two cups of thyme disinfectant.
I spent 15 minutes scrubbing one counter.
It's right next to the stove; everything splashes on it.
Because I'm so terrible at cleaning (there are always more interesting things to do),
this counter was a horrible mess.
So I used some elbow grease and the baking soda, a terrific no-scratch scrubber.
For the worst parts, I did break down and use a steel wool soap pad.
And I got the last little shreds off with the old fingernail-scrape technique.
Then I wiped with the thyme tea, and took the rest upstairs to disinfect the toilet.
I came back down and wiped the counter, getting off all the baking soda grit and the film of salts left by the castile soap in the disinfectant.
It  is all odor-free now, disinfected, de-grimed, and I can keep up with it regularly from now on.
Ay, there's the rub.
That's fifteen minutes you will never have to spend because you keep after your cleaning better than I do.
You will spend 15 minutes on two counters five times the size of what I scrubbed.
You'll use half as much baking soda and thyme tea as I did and still have leftovers for the toilet.
And you won't wind up with a chlorine smell, and you won't breed superbugs.
What's not to like?
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