Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is why I garden

So the forecast said it was safe to plant my summer seeds. 
It was a beautiful morning, perfectly cool, with white clouds and a promise of sun later.
I went out with shovel and rake and put 3 bags of compost in the planter where the tomatoes and herbs will go.  Put up my tomato towers, too.
Then I turned to digging out dandelions and scraping off grass and clover for the other stuff near the fence.
Well, you know how it is, you start a big project and guests show up.
Mr. and Mrs. Flicker Jee (the catbirds) decided to pay a visit.
So I pulled back and rested a little.
They got their morning baths and a drink and preened themselves in the bushes.
I went back to work.  Soon I heard little catbird clucks and there was the Mr. hunting bugs where I had scraped the top off, not two yards from me.
I put out two more bags of compost and went in to rehydrate.
The robin came to get his share.
I went back out and finished the job.
Put away my tools and put the compost bags where the trash haulers will pick them up tomorrow.
Scrubbed compost and dirt off my legs.  I always get dirty when I garden.
It's supposed to be good for you.
Then the sun came out and the robin started warbling.
This is how it should be.
I don't mind guests like this.  It was nice to have the wild creatures around me.
A young relative keeps asking me why I don't get a dog or cat.
I keep saying that I have pets.  But they live outside.

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