Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I signed for the bees

Bees are good.
Bees make our food.
All our fruit, some of our vegetables, it all uses bees to make the food we eat.
We've been killing bees with chemicals.
In the EU, they prohibit farmers from using a wide range of chemicals to protect bees.
The latest word is that fungicides are making bees sensitive to diseases that are killing them.

Some stores where people typically buy sets like tomatoes and peppers use chemicals that kill bees on the plants.
There are two things you can do, one of which is immediate and the other of which is a permanent change.
Sign the petition at this site.  It explains what it's about. 

Don't have these stores in your area? 
Find out who the big sellers of garden plants are in your area.  Get  MoveOn's help writing a petition about them.  Post it online for signature.

The permanent solution is, buy open-pollinated seeds from a reputable seedsman.  There are a number of them out there: J.L. Hudson; Renee's Garden;  They sell flowers as well as vegetables.
Google on open-pollinated seeds.
For tomatoes and peppers and eggplants you'll have to start them in your house unless you're willing to wait for them to age normally.
Buy cucumbers, melons, and mustard greens, cosmos, tickseed, and other bright orange and yellow-flowering plants, and you will also feed the bees the things they prefer.

Knowledge is power.

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