Sunday, May 18, 2014

DIY -- dry roast peanuts

I admit  it, I spent more on this the first time than you spend on a one pound jar of Planter's.
If you keep kosher or halal or are vegan or vegetarian, you need to know why.
Planter's changed their formula within the last couple of years. 
They now put gelatin in the product.
Why?  I have absolutely no idea.
But they refuse to guarantee that they use plant gelatin.
So it might be made from animals that have not been slaughtered kosher or halal.
Besides the fact that vegetarians and vegans don't eat meat.
So I spent $5 on a pound of jumbo raw peanuts with no shell.
There are lots of recipes online for dry roasting peanuts in your oven .
Personally, I don't need organic peanuts, and I don't need jumbo peanuts.
Next time I will probably buy their product that still has the shell on, and get a couple of pounds so that shelling them still yields plenty of peanuts.
That will definitely save me $2 a pound.
Pay your money and take your choice.
This is another thing that DIY is good for besides saving money: YOU control the ingredients in your food and you avoid getting caught by a manufacturer who does something goofy such as putting pink slime in ground beef.  My butcher can't do that because it wouldn't be kosher, but plenty of cut-rate stores did it.
DIY also avoids your manufacturer suddenly changing to a Chinese factory that puts in ingredients that later turn out to be poisonous.  There are kosher Chinese factories and they get inspected over and over to make sure they're sticking to the contract.  But I don't have to worry about that because I cook from scratch almost exclusively, besides the DIY stuff.
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