Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Knitting -- pullover/jumper

This is for when you finish the body.
Go back to the tag end of yarn at the start of the sweater.
Thread a "darning" or tapestry needle with a contrasting color of yarn and run that yarn up through to find where the middle of the armhole should be.
Now count around the bottom of the sweater, 140 stitches.
Run another piece of yarn up at that point to mark the middle of the other armhole.
Now, where you finished the 140th round of knitting, back off six (6) stitches.
Unknit them onto the left needle point.
Now knit two stitches, and pull the one stitch over the other.  Remember, this is "binding off".
Bind off six (6) stitches on both sides of the middle of the armhole.
Knit around to the other side except for the last six (6) stitches before the middle.
Bind off six stitches there.
From here it gets complicated so I'll wait until next week because as busy as you are, you might not have finished the body yet.
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