Monday, May 5, 2014

Outdoors -- do we have chicks?

I think I hear baby birds calling for food.
Somebody got off the mark pretty fast!
I mean besides the mockingbirds.
They might be starlings.  Starling chicks are pretty noisy.
I know from sad experience, there was a pair of starlings who used to always build a nest under my old through-the-wall AC machine.
Their chicks would wake me up every morning.
Every year when AC season came, all the chicks would die because it was just a bad environment for them.
The starlings never learned.
I replaced that old thing with an Energy Star machine and the builders made it impossible for starlings to next under it.
Now all I gotta do is make sure my trash closet door stays shut. 
I've seen male starlings scope the place out.
They've even had prospective mates come for a look, sitting on the phone or power wires.
The females were too smart to accept.
Anyway, it's good to know that the horrible winter won't put that much of a crimp in the bird population.

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