Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Garden -- slugs

You can either prevent slugs or get them drunk.
The first way to deal with slugs in your garden is never, never, NEVER water at night.
You have to put a lot of water on your garden each time you water.  I lay down 2 gallons in a 6 square foot area and I should probably use more.
Do it in the morning before 8 a.m., especially when  you plant tomatoes.
You're saying, but it rains at night sometimes.
When you figure out a way to keep that from happening, let me know how you did it.
In the meantime, don't you do it.
And if you have a spate of nighttime rain or a hurricane, here's what you do.
You get a shallow dish and you put it where you saw the slugs.
Then you pour in part of a can or bottle of beer.
The next morning, you pour the beer and the dead slugs into the trash.
And you thought it was an urban legend that slugs loved beer!

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