Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Knitting -- pullover/jumper

Now, maybe you want to do more knitting but not Fair Isle this time.
Here's my knitting pattern for a pullover.
It's adapted from a pattern in my out-of-print Bantam Encyclopedia of Needlework.
First, it's knit in the round, like a Fair Isle, but with set-in sleeves not steeking.
Second, the collar is of-a-piece with the sweater, not added on.
Third, you will have to know how to purl after the armholes because you will no longer be working in the round.

This is a shaker-style rib tube body pullover (jumper) for a 40-42 inch chest.  Using Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, you will add or subtract 6 stitches in the body for every inch larger or smaller that your chest is.  Ladies, take your bra size into account.

Cast on or cable on 280 stitches.  To cable on, you put on your slip knot on your left needle point, then put the needle through it as if knitting a stitch on.  But when you pull the yarn through, you add it on to the same needle instead of moving it to the other needle.
Now put the right needle point BETWEEN the two stitches on the left needle point, yarn over, pull through, and add to the left needle.  This makes a sturdy edge with a slight eye in it which is almost lacy in effect.
When you have your 280 stitches on the tether, join them carefully to make sure the row is not twisted.
Now do 10 rows of 2 knit/2 purl rib.
Then knit in the round for 140 rows.  This will make a body of 23 inches below the armholes.
I'll leave you to that.  It could take you a week given that you have jobs, kids, and so on.

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