Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Garden -- almost there!

I'm putting the yardwork to bed for the summer, except for mowing the grass.
But only until our normal summer drought.
No sense running a mower over dormant grass.
Anyway I evened up the hedge that I just shortened by about 2 feet.
I was supposed to do this in January but I couldn't get to it because of the snow and cold.
I did as little as I could and still get close to my goal, which is to shorten it by another foot.
I'll give it a year to recover and meanwhile there are other hedges that are way too high.
I also managed to pull out some poison ivy without getting infected.  See next week's post.
I also had to cut out a baby honey locust, child of a tree that was cut down some years ago because it regularly pulled on the power wires and took the electricity down when we had hurricanes and other serious storms.
Honey locust smell nice but they put out tons of pollen and they are really a weed tree around here, in May everywhere you drive you can see their white flowers.
My wild iris ("blue-eyed grass") has finished its first bloom.  I don't know if I'll get more; maybe these will drop seed that will bloom in a couple of months.
It's summer!
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