Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fight child exploitation

Stop using tobacco.
The AP reports that tobacco farms employ children who get sick from pesticides and from exposure to nicotine.
Some of these children are as young as seven.
This is happening right here in American where we have "good" child labor laws.
It's also happening, of course, in other countries where the laws are bad or not enforced.

This is the Old Bitch speaking: 
Anybody who can't summon up the backbone to stop smoking cannot occupy any moral or intellectual high ground. 
They can only admit that they are willing to poison children to get their high, just like all other addicts.
There is no such thing as "a wonderful person except for smoking."
There are only people who refuse to put all their efforts into stopping an addiction that leads to poisoning and death.
They whine about their personal rights, like all selfish people, while ignoring the rights of other people not to be poisoned by their addiction.
Nicotine addiction is not victimless.  Its victims are limitless, including the children who will get cancer because of exposure to pesticides, and the children of those children who will suffer diseases caused by their parents' exposure to pesticides.
There's a little Love Canal going on right there in tobacco company (google it). 
And all the selfish people who got tax money from it ignored it, the same as the nicotine addicts did.

Don't argue with me about this.  You can't say anything positive about tobacco use or nicotine addiction.

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