Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Garden -- dumping the pool water

So yesterday I said I would have more to say on dumping the water from the bird bath.
Do NOT dump it on your veggies.
If you want to use it for veggie water, first pour it into a watering can.
The force of the water falling on the veggies will hurt them.
The watering can will control that force.
Dump the water on your lawn.
The side benefit is you may start finding clover in your lawn.
Clover used to be included in grass seed.
We've gotten too silly nowadays and the grass seed makers don't do that any more.
Clover is a plant that fixes nitrogen in the soil.
Nitrogen is good.
That's why manure is also good for a growth medium (except for tomatoes), lots of nitrogen.
So DON'T poison that clover.
It likes lots of water.
Dump your bird bath on it.
It also feeds bees and we need to be kinder to our bees.

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