Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Outdoors -- struggling

I know I'm late; the sky is getting light and it's time for morning prayers.
We're supposed to get another swipe of snow today, possibly some inches.
Saturday I sat on my front porch and got some sun.
It was sunny all day yesterday and I tried to do the same thing, but the air was just too cold.
With the strength of the sun in March, you know that was some terribly cold air.
It's supposed to be better at the end of the week so I'm planning to get compost then, if the hauler is free.
Usually I have peas planted by now and even sprouting, but it's been so extremely cold this year -- haven't seen anything like this since 1994 and I wasn't raising peas then -- that it's safer to wait.
But my neighbor's crocuses and my grape hyacinths are blooming and the daffodils have continued to come up.  So have my star of bethlehem.
The parks authority in DC says the cherries won't be in bloom next week during the blossom festival.
We'll get through this, Gd willing.
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