Monday, March 24, 2014

Fair Isle Knitting -- Shoulder seams

Make sure you have knitted at least 70 rows of steeking before you do the shoulder seams.

Also make sure that the last row you knitted was an all-background row.  That's the easy way to make sure that you have a neat appearing shoulder seam.

At the middle column of the steeking on either side, turn the jumper inside out.

You will now knit off stitches on both sides of the steeking.  You will need a third needle to do this.  Make sure that it is also a U.S. #3 size needle.

Use it to pick up the end stitch on both sides of the steeking.  Then loop your yarn around the stitch on the side away from you and knit through BOTH OF THE STITCHES, transferring the new stitch to the third needle.

Do this again with the next stitch away from the steeking.  You will now have two stitches on the third needle.

Now pull the first stitch you made on the third needle, over the second stitch you made, so that there is again only one stitch on the third needle.

Repeat these 3 steps until you have knitted off 40 stitches.

I'll stop there because some of you aren't done with the 70 rounds of steeking yet. 

What I'm going to teach you next week will create the basis for the neck right on the sweater; you won't need to re-attach the yarn as with some patterns.

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