Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Me and motherhood

I admit it.  I would have been a terrible mother.  I would have turned out the spoiledest kids you ever saw.
Luckily for the kids, it didn't happen.
How do I know this?
Because last week I used up the last of the bird food.
But I couldn't stand to think of the birds getting cut off so suddenly.
So I crumbled some of my home made, low-chemical challah and put that out, a bit at a time.
This week when the temperatures dropped and the snow fell, I went all day yesterday feeling guilty.
Finally, I went out on the excuse of making sure my car would start, since I don't drive a whole lot, and just happened to take my wallet with me.
And on the excuse that I wanted to make my mother's vaunted yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, I went to the store for milk and eggs.
But I also bought bird seed.
Only five pounds.
It ought to run out soon.
If wild birds can guilt me into spending extra money at the store, imagine what crying children would do to me!
So luckily all the kids in my family were raised by my siblings who don't have backbones as weak as mine, and they have turned out very well indeed.

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