Monday, March 31, 2014

Fair Isle Knitting -- Start the Neck

When you have knit off 40 stitches on one armhole, you start the neck.
The first part is simple;
Knit around to the other armhole, to the middle of the steeking.
Now knit off 40 stitches on the other armhole.
Now carefully knit the first stitch and try to make sure there is no gap.
Now you will need a circular needle in U.S. size 3, with a 12 inch tether, because you are creating the base of the neck.  Use it to knit up the rest of the neck stitches to the other side.

Finish picking up the other neck stitches onto the 12-inch needle in a k2/p2 rib like what you used at the bottom of the jumper, then knit around until all the stitches are on the 12-inch needle.
Do 2 rows of k2/p2 rib in the background color.
Then 2 rows of k2/p2 rib in a contrast color.  I did this in brown.
Then 2 rows of k2/p2 rib in the background color.
Now knit 2 stitches and pull the second stitch over the first stitch.
Purl one stitch and pull the last knit stitch over the purl stitch.
This is called "casting off in rib."  You will do each stitch identically to the one below it, whether knit or purl, and then  you will pull the previous stitch over it to get rid of that stitch.
When you're done you will have a neat, flexible edge to the neck of your jumper.

Next week we'll deal with the armholes.
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