Sunday, March 9, 2014

Garden -- compost

Gone!  It's gone!  The snow all melted yesterday, there are only a few piles of old ice left.
The forecast doesn't show any snow accumulation for the next week.
When I put out the bird food this morning, the breeze was moist and no longer bitter cold as it has been for so very long.
Now is the time to get compost at the garden store for my hardy vegetables.  I'll get enough for the warm-weather veggies too.
I'm going to compete delivery between three companies including the garden store; I think they'll be the highest.
Usually I get ten bags just for the veggies, but some construction was done in November and now that it's over, I have some places where I want to put in flowers.  So I want 15 bags this year.
BTW I'm talking shredded leaves, fully composted.
As Mike McGrath says, no wood mulch, no smelly bark mulch, EVER!
Spring is here at last!
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