Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Outdoors -- geese

I went out yesterday to put up the bird feeder, thinking maybe I had disciplined the squirrels enough so that the birds could enjoy it.
We have a new squirrel, a smallish one (I think that means it's female) with an unusually short tail.  She is still learning that encroaching on my yard will get her nothing but wet.
Anyway, I heard a familiar sound and looked up.
The clouds were wearing one of those V-shaped necklaces of geese, and they were honking as usual to encourage each other.
They were flying NORTH.
Two hours later, I saw another string flying in the same direction, quite a ways to the east of where the first flight went.
They were both high up, not low down as if coming in to land and rest at the lake in the center of town.
Spring is near!
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