Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The World is Coming to a Beginning!

The world begins again tonight.
It's been a good beginning.
The blog has posted nearly 7000 real-people pageviews.
If you're new here, see these pages for the big stuff:

The Mendel Beilis trial transcript English translation -- first ever end-to-end.
Fact-Checking the Torah -- busting those urban legends.
Bit at a time Bible Hebrew -- trying to teach you to bust urban legends for yourself.
DIY -- how to save money by changing your habits, including basic cooking for yourself.

Plus all my garden and outdoors fun.

How about you?  If what you're doing isn't working the way you thought,
what about doing something you've never tried before?
Or trying again something you thought you failed at?
Only do it differently this time.

You have a chance to begin again every day.
© Patricia Jo Heil, 2013-2018 All Rights Reserved

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