Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Garden -- new planting

I talked in an earlier post about planting in fall. 
You'll have to let me know whether you did and how it's going.
It's so cool here this year that I decided not to put in hardy fall vegetables.

In fact, I pulled out the tomatoes Sunday.
Picked off all the greenies.
Put them in a bowl with an apple and covered it.

I'm about out of grocery store carrots so I'll dig up my own.
They're bushy and green from all the rain.
Last year a bunny ate the greens until I put cayenne on them.
This year's bunny concentrated on clover.
Until one time when I chased him off and he realized he was too big to get out through the fence meshes.
He hasn't been back since although I've seen him in other people's yards.

Anyway, I'm down to saffron tickseed flowers, magenta morning glories, lavender ageratum, and the last of the blue chicory.
And the odd visit from the goldfinch.
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