Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY -- carpet cleaning

So I just had some work done on my house and I put off vacuuming for a while.
After all, there's always something more fun to do than cleaning.
But with the work done, the weather forecast was perfect with comfortable temps and humidity.
Did I whip out the Woolite as in years past?
I pulled out my baking soda Thursday night.
I sprinkled it thickly, breaking up the clumps with my fingers.
Then I let it sit overnight.
Also the windows were open while the cold front sailed into town.
Then in the morning, I vacuumed up all the white.
It deodorized the carpet beautifully without leaving any chemicals behind.
It also got some stains out slightly.
If you have a bad stain, as long as it's not on a dark carpet, you can make a paste of baking soda, spread it on the stain, scrub, wait 24 hours, then vacuum.
If it is a dark carpet, there's an app -- oops -- there's a solution for that.
Which I'll discuss after I try it.
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