Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Knitting -- jumper/pullover assembly

You are ready for this stage if you've finished knitting both sleeves.

For each sleeve, fold it so the right sides are together.
The right sides are the ones with the loops that you looked at when you were KNITTING a row.
Sew the underarm seam using the backstitch from the bottom of the cuff to where you bound off stitches for the underarm.
Now turn it rightside out.

Turn the body rightside IN.
Fit the sleeve into the armhole, matching the bottoms where the stitches are bound off.
Find the middle of the top arch of the sleeve and fit it to where you bound off the shoulders.
I often use a big tapestry needle as a pin. YMMV.
Use backstitch to sew the sleeve into the armhole.

Now do the sleeve on the other side.

Now try it on.
If you have about a 40 inch chest it ought to fit your body.
If you measured your arms and used enough rows the sleeves ought to come to your wrists.
If you did enough increases in the sleeves, they shouldn't be tight on your arms.

If all of these are problems, now you know how much you need to add or subtract on your next jumper.  Or pullover.  Whatever you're calling it.

Email me if the problems are bad, and we'll figure something out.  But I might have to ask you what your measurements are, and I know some people wouldn't want to give them.
That's why I gave you some hints how to calculate rows and increases for yourself.

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