Monday, September 29, 2014

Outdoors -- I'm just a lonely boy

I think my mockingbird's wife divorced him.
He's been traveling for a block in every direction advertising himself.
He's really good.
He's loud but not too loud.
He's versatile; yesterday I heard him "do" both a Carolina wren and a blue jay.
Mockingbirds don't normally do blue jays because mostly they are enemies.
Also mockingbirds prefer to imitate musical calls, and blue jays just scream.
My guy is showing off.
He can show her a cozy holly tree to nest in.
He can show her lots of pokeberries for winter food.
He can show her a big bird bath for drinking and splashing.
But he's still out there advertising so I'm guessing he hasn't had any takers.
I'm enjoying it but I'm not a mockingbird.
If you know any single lady mockingbirds, send them my way.
I'd love to watch a few more chicks grow up in my yard next year.

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