Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Garden -- garlic

Garlic is my favorite cooking ingredient.
It is practically flavorless, steamed;
it's sharp raw;
it's savory sautéed;
it's good for the heart.

My garden guru says it's one of the easiest things to grow, too.

Get a big square planter at least 9 inches deep.
Fill it with good growth mixture, like compost with topsoil.
Use a head of garlic you buy in the grocery story.
Since I'm in a zone 6, I would try to find some grown in the same zone or slightly north.
I understand that would be a "hard" garlic; garlic grown in CA is "soft".
It needs the CA climate which I don't have here.
Anyway split your head into cloves as if you were going to cook it.
Plant each one pointy end up with the other end about 6 inches down in your growth medium.
Put it where it can get sun.
Soak the soil every few days if it doesn't rain.
Next summer, harvest by the time the lower third of the leaves turn brown.
If it flowers in spring, cut those off and sauté them into your eggs or whatever.

If you can do this, imagine what else you could grow!
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