Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Outdoors -- most popular

I had the most popular yard on the block for a while there.
It was because of the mulberry tree, plus the bird bath.
Robins, starlings, cardinals, catbirds, sparrows, squirrels, all came to eat the mulberries.
For the first couple of weeks they didn't get much.
The mockingbirds took it over.  They had a chick to feed.
Well, now the chick's tail feathers have grown out and while I see him around, he no longer keens for his parents.
I think they have a nest full of eggs somewhere else.
And what mulberries are left, the other birds are now getting.
Of course, the robins have a hard time of it.  They're about the same size as mockingbirds, but they're muscle-heavy where the mockingbirds are more gracile. (look it up)
So the robins weigh down the branches.
So do the squirrels.  For as long as I ignore them.
Can't let those squirrels think the pressure's off just because the mockingbirds aren't beating up on them any more.

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