Monday, June 23, 2014

Outdoors -- caught ya!

I knew that the sparrows were climbing behind my pea vines, especially the snow peas.
Today I caught them flight training a chick.
They made the chick fly to and perch on my tomato towers.
There the chick crouched while the parents flew to the vines.
Then the parents brought back something they tried to stuff in the chick's mouth.
There were four of them altogether.  Apparently an extra male will attach itself to a family and help out, hoping to scoop up the female if her mate dies.
These were definitely house sparrows, I recognize the wheep!  wheep! of "Food!"
When they're hunting food, it's "Wheep?  Wheep?"
And when they're gossiping in the bushes, well, all bets are off.  Even a language geek like me can't understand them.
I've been finding snow peas with nibbles taken out of them but I don't think the sparrows are doing that.
I think it's evil nasty desperate squirrels who, one by one (there are five nearby), are finding out that they don't like snow peas.
While the noisy but helpful sparrows are taking off the bugs, little tiny green aphids.  I've seen them on me after picking peas.
More power to the sparrows.  Oh yeah, and the wrens.
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