Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knitting -- pullover/jumper

Now, if you started this project out the same as the Fair Isle jumper, you bought a cone of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine and you've been chugging along, but you can see you're running into a problem.
Because now you will be knitting on the flat, and at some point you will need new yarn to knit the other side of the body.
There are two ways you can handle this.
One is that when you finish knitting to the shoulders of the side you work on first, you can leave a long tail of yarn to sew the shoulder seam on one side, and cut the yarn to use for the other side of the front.
But hopefully you also bought another cone, or four skeins of yarn, in the same color.
And hopefully your vendor matched the dyelots.  Nothing worse than yarns from different dyelots.  It makes the sweater look as if you used odds and ends to make it.
Which is not always a bad thing, it can be kind of catchy.  As I'll show you in another project.
At any rate, if you only bought the one cone, you will have to cut the yarn when you reach the shoulders.
Next week I'll show you what to do if you bought individual skeins of yarn and you are at the end of one skein before finishing as far as the armholes.
You know, the thing I should have told you at the start of this project.
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