Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DIY -- noodles and pasta

And now the real savings.
Buitoni fresh linguine might cost you $2.69 for 9 ounces. 
There are recipes all over the internet for pasta and noodle dough.
You can make 8 ounces of absolutely to die for fresh pasta for $0.80.
Noodles are cheaper because they take 1 egg per 8 ounces while linguine pasta takes 2.
The price for Chinese hand-pulled la mian will be cheaper because they use no eggs.

I use a hand-cranked pasta machine that rolls the dough and can cut linguine and spaghetti.
You would need a special cutter for ravioli (wonton) (kreplach).
So if I'm going to save $1.89 for every four servings of pasta or noodles -- oh yeah, I'm there.
Besides the fact that you can lay them out on a newspaper to dry in about 24 hours and then you have them for later.
Except for the la mian.  Why go to all that trouble and then not eat them fresh?
Which might be true for the other things as well but we're used to eating less-than-fresh noodles.

By making your own pasta you avoid soy lecithin.  If you react to normal store-bought "fresh" pasta, you might want to get tested for a soy allergy, especially if you also react to some pizza cheeses.  I knew somebody with a soy allergy who could not go to one chain of pizza shops because they used part-soy cheese, but he could go to another chain.  I won't reveal the names.  If you google "pizza chain uses part-soy cheese" you will find one of them.

Anyway once again DIY triumphs for price and quality and oh yes, avoiding those allergy provoking chemicals you didn't know were in your food.
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