Sunday, June 29, 2014

DIY -- gluten free

Lots of people eat gluten free even if they don't have celiac disease.  I've been bragging about bread being cheap when you make it at home, but that wasn't gluten free.  Out of curiosity I did some googling.
Well, there are tons of recipes for gluten free bread out there, and some that work in a breadmaking machine.  But can you save money?
One recipe uses a particular brand of gluten free flour and a link takes you to Amazon.  But I googled some more and found a website that sells the same flour for $6 a bag less.  Bags are 5 pounds.
The site also sells 8x for $8 less than buying the 8 bags separately, and a 50 pound option which is $40 bucks less than buying 10 bags separately.
One recipe I found would get 5 one-loaf batches out of a bag of flour.  You spend about $20 all told, because the recipe uses eggs and cider vinegar as well as yeast,. 
A loaf of gluten-free bread runs you what, $6 in a store?  So you save $10 on the 5 loaves.
You would save more if you buy the larger sizes and that would compensate for the shipping cost.
The recipe is dairy free and would be suitable if you keep kosher.
Now, it's true that celiacs don't absolutely need to have bread in their diet to get the same nutrients, but why should they be left out when there's a less expensive way to satisfy the natural craving for bread?
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