Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Garden -- after the monsoon

I was worried that my manual (not gas or electric powered) lawn mower literally wouldn't be able to cut it.
The grass.
After two weeks' growth.
And about 6 inches of rain in 4 days.
Normally I don't mow at all during our usual late-summer drought and at that point, it's nothing to let the lawn go 2 or 3 weeks without mowing.
The grass goes dormant and doesn't grow at all.
But with all that rain last week, I could almost see the grass growing.
Well, I put on my big girl panties Sunday, thankful that the humidity was low, and got that grass mowed off.
I went over it twice because it still looked a little ragged after the first time.
But I survived.  My joke is, if I do that in this weather, I'll melt into a greasy spot on the pavement.
No melting.
Monday, with 80% or so humidity, I cut the long grass around the edges early in the morning.

Other consequences:  I am working on my 3rd pound of snow peas from the garden and I think I have at least a pound of green peas to shell and eat.  My neighbor really admires my snow pea vines and I offered him some, but he does square-foot gardening and he has his own issues eating all the green peas that he grew. 
We should all have such problems.  And we would if everybody who had some turf would dig part of it up, lay down some compost, and put in something diverse, like veggies.
But I digress.
The mustard greens are about to bolt so I picked a lot of that to get some last greens before they go bitter.  Hint: anything you let flower, the leaves get bitter as soon as the flowers bloom.  Same for dandelions.

Also the flowers that I planted right before the monsoon started are sprouting, the calendula first.

My zucchini look good and I think I see some flower buds so that's encouraging.  Have to keep the bunny from eating them.

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