Monday, April 28, 2014

Outdoors -- this is what it's for

Saturday morning.  Calm.   Sunny.   Warm but with cool fresh air.
Took my brunch out onto the back porch to eat it.
I have an OLD wooden bench there.  Everybody uses it, the birds, the squirrels (before they got put in their places), the carpenter bees.
When I use it I put down two big granny squares of leftover yarn, and a blanket made of smaller waste-yarn granny squares.
Then I relax with my brunch, a book, the sun, the breeze, the bird song.
My pet robin came to hunt, paused a few minutes to see if I would take the hint and leave.
My cardinal landed on the fence, looked me over, then flew to the birdbath for a drink.
A bee landed on me to see what I was doing there.  It must have been a grass bee because when I laid my book next to him, he didn't sting but flew off.  Grass bees never will sting you.
Neither will carpenter bees, the huge ones.  They don't have stings.
The sky was that dark blue you usually get only in October when the sun is strong and the humidity is low.
This is what it's all about.

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