Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY savings

It's almost Passover and as I use up old food and start buying for the DIY season ahead, I'm calculating the savings.
I have a list of DIY projects on my fridge and the money I save in 12 months by DIY instead of buying ready made.
This is totally separate from the fact that I do almost all my cooking from scratch, which also saves money compared to eating out even at a fast food restaurant.
So far I can price bread, hard cider, corned beef, pastrami, cured and smoked turkey, lox, yogurt, yogurt cheese (that's next week's recipe), cured and smoked beef (my bacon substitute since I keep kosher), and biltong instead of jerky.
This saves me $700 a year.
Later I will price out the savings in sides like sauerkraut, pickled beets, marinated artichoke hearts, dried tomatoes, chow chow, sweet potato "fries", and so on.
But right now I can tell you that I probably get a greater variety of food than you can get in restaurants, for something like $2000 less than you spend, because I cook from scratch and DIY.
Except for the roast beef wrap that I bought at my kosher store yesterday which made a really great lunch.  It was a present to myself for losing 25 pounds.
Which is another thing that's easier when you DIY and cook from scratch.
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