Monday, April 7, 2014

Outdoors -- eavesdropping

I was party Wednesday night to a bedtime disagreement between two robins.
Normally I think the sound of a robin clucking himself to roost is soothing.
That night maybe they were disputing who would use the roost. 
They love euonymus bushes, which are thick even in winter and, if taken care of, produce berries in winter.
There's plenty of euonymus around, but maybe we have a lot of robins in my vicinity.
Attracted, no doubt, by a chance at taking control of the chokeberries I put out in the winter.
Anyway I don't think it came to blows, just words.
I ran out of chokeberries and once when my robin flew toward the house in hopes, I put out some finely diced dried mango.
It disappeared but I'm pretty sure it was a squirrel who ate it.  No more of that.
Anyway the birds are making up for lost time now that it has finally gotten warm.  Lots of doves courting, finches calling, two woodpeckers yesterday as well as a white-throated sparrow, and our spectacular new mockingbird.
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