Sunday, April 6, 2014

garden -- YAY

I get started on the garden today.
Friday I bought compost and paid a guy to haul it to my place.
Today I put in peas, snow peas, leafy greens (except lettuce) and root vegetables.
I will be sore tomorrow.
I'll work that off by doing laundry, getting some lubricating oil and making sure my manual mower works.
Tuesday I'll put out cornmeal gluten for the lawn.
My garden guru helped me figure out that I should use about half of the cornmeal gluten, split between the front and the back.
If I put more on, I'll violate the new Maryland law designed to protect the Maryland blue crab population and yummy summer eats, by limiting the nitrogen that goes into the bay.
Also my town has a law against chemicals on lawns.
The cornmeal gluten will prevent crabgrass seed from germinating and also fertilize the warm-weather grass that I WANT to survive.
Having half a bag left means I don't have to spend any more money this year on the lawn.
In September I'll put the rest of it down on the lawn to smother crabgrass seed that lands there during the summer.
Without killing the birds and other wildlife, or making pets and kids sick.
I'm up for that.
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