Friday, April 18, 2014

Donetsk Ukraine flyer translation

Your weekly Fact-Checking post is below this one but I felt it was important to publish my English translation of the flyer handed out in Ukraine this week with its Nazi overtones.  I don't know what the "Bender junta" is; if it's really a reference to Styopan Bandera, it's more of the typical idiocy that Jew-haters are consistently guilty of.

J­ewish nationality!

In connection with the fact that the leaders of the Jewish community of Ukraine supported the Bandera [Styopan Bandera, pro-Nazi Ukrainian dead since 1959?] Junta in Kiev and has an antagonistic attitude in relation to the Orthodox Donets republic and its citizens, the General Staff  of the Donets people’s republic has established the following:

All citizens of the Jewish nationality older than 16 years, living on the territory of the sovereign Donets republic in the period before 3 May 2014, shall appear before the “I.O.” [??] commissar on affairs of nationality in the building of the Donets ODA, office 514, for registration.  The price of registration is 50 U.S. dollars.

Bring with you financial means to the value of 50 US dollars to pay for the registration, a passport for notation about your religious denomination, documents about the family makeup, and also documents establishing your rights to all your nonmoveable property and means of transport.

In case of refusal to register the guilty will be deprived of citizenship and sent by force out of the republic with confiscation of property.

Your local governor Denis Pushilin


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  2. Thank you. It's been lots of work but also lots of pleasure -- LOL especially eating the stuff I make that I wrote about under DIY. And the amount I learned!!! Sometimes I thought my head would bust. That's still happening as I prep the two other works in the Fact-Checking trilogy & other stuff.