Monday, December 15, 2014

Garden -- and DIY

Here's some planning for how to water your garden next year.
This will only work if you plant in mulch.
It will only work if you hand-water or drip water.
It will NOT work if you use sprinklers or spray water into the air from a hose, which is a wasteful way to water anyway as I have already said.
And it will only work if you use soaps instead of detergents, which is where DIY comes in.

You see, first you have to replace your shampoos and body bars with soap, such as Castile soap.
Or you have to start using herbal cleansers, such as a yucca/amla/fenugreek hair cleansing mask from an online recipe or yucca cleaning bars (recipe also on line).
You also can't use clothes washer water if you use commercial detergents or have to soften your water with sodium or borax.
Sodium and the boron in borax are bad for your plants so cleansers that contain them will make it impossible to use greywater.
But if you were going to use clothes washer water, you would have to re-do your plumbing to get at it so I think it's safe to assume you're not going there.
The same thing is true with a dishwashing machine.

Anyway, you can put a bucket in your shower and catch both the water that rinses you and the water that doesn't, and use this to water your garden.
You can put a tub in the sink when you wash dishes and catch the rinse water, then put that on the garden.

You must use the greywater within 24 hours.  So do your dishes and showering at night so that you can water at the right time, which is morning as I have said before.
Actually, showering at night is a good thing.
It's relaxing and anything that helps you get to sleep is good.
It saves bed changes because you get into bed clean instead of dirty.
It leaves time in the morning for both watering the garden, and fixing breakfast.
And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it will help you lose weight and hit the ground running at work or at school.
You see!
This is an example of what goes around comes around.
Doing the environment some good, and saving water, comes around to keep you healthy and wise.
And wealthy since you will cut your water bill.

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