Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY -- I'm going in

This weekend I used the last of a bottle of Joy dish detergent.
From here on, it's Castile soap.
This will save you chemicals and money but not time.
After you wash dishes with castile soap, you have to wipe them.
Castile soap doesn't have the sheeting action of chemical detergents.
So you need to put vinegar in the rinse dispenser of your dishwasher.
I don't have one, I wash by hand; then I have to dry.
A couple of years ago I bought kitchen towels for various uses.
Now they will dry my dishes too.
Except for some laundry detergent, I'm using castile soap in most of my cleaning.

If your area has greywater programs, castile soap is perfect for them.
Buy a plastic tub and catch the water while you wash and rinse.
Then use it on your garden.
This will keep you from using clean drinkable water on a rosebush, for example.

DIY: it all fits together.

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