Sunday, December 28, 2014

Outdoors -- the surge begins

You know I love all the signs of spring.
The first one happened late last week: the starlings came back from vacation.
I could hear their breezy whistle and see them sailing around among the trees.
They tried to mob my bird-feeder; all I had to do was open my back door to stop that.
Oh, sure, they're in black-beak.
After all, they're only here to prospect for good nesting sites.
They won't have their bright yellow mating beaks for about a month.
But the male starlings are back and now I have to be careful.
If I don't keep my gardening closet door shut, there's a 100% chance some starling will stake it out for nesting.

The male robins are also gathering.
My robin is definitely back; I've seen him early in the mornings coming for chokeberries.
Last week he had a scuffle with another robin for control of my turf.
Since then I've seen him posting watch on my back fence.
This week the robins are challenging each other right and left.
Only one can win a given turf.
Then the rest mob up and take out their frustrations beating up on crows.
You go guys!

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