Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You

Wow.  Over 9K pageviews! 
When I started this blog and posted all that stuff, I was just practicing.
The goal was to put up the Beilis translation without making too many mistakes.
Then to move on to the Fact-Checking and Biblical Hebrew pages.
I hoped people would read them.
A year and a half and 9000 views later, I guess you've been reading them.

Yes, I'm slacking off. 
I guess you don't need basically a rehash of last year's outdoors and gardening posts.
I've shown you things I am doing DIY, or what I know about DIY.
Some of you are up and knitting now even though it's time-consuming.
I'm trying to rant only when I think it's serious; you can get rants all over the web.
I'll let you know if I lose enough weight to fit into my reference chinos.

There are still many more posts for the Fact-Checking page; we're near the end of the legal stuff and this year I hope to move on to archaeology.
There are still many more posts for the Biblical Hebrew page, and by next New Year I hope to be sharing with you something I first read about in 2014.

Here's hoping you can achieve something in 2015, but enjoy your year no matter what.

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