Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY -- knitting

I love knitting.  I've been knitting tops and socks for years.
There are ups and downs.
One down is the time it takes.  It takes a couple of weeks to make a pair of socks.
That's if you have an active life.
The up side to socks is, commercial socks either cut off my circulation,
or they're "one size fits all" which means they're too long in the foot and give me sock wedgies.

Tops take even longer than socks, and that's one down side for those.
They're also expensive.
But I like classic clothes: cable sweaters, Fair Isle, argyle, that sort of thing.
Those are expensive to get from a store, too.
They might not come in colors I like.
And just try to find perfectly matching socks.

Handknit clothes should be washed by hand.
It can take them a couple of days to air-dry.
That means you wear them when you want to look nice, not do heavy work.

So buy the cheap tees and sweaters to wear to work in your garden or paint your house.
Those you can throw in the washer and dryer.
But when you want a terrific looking custom made top or a top with perfectly matching socks,
Take a month of free time and knit something for yourself.

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